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Its time you owned your data, your privacy, your identity, your safety - Trusted Digital Relationships

A New Global Digital Identity Solution where privacy is paramount and you now own, control and will even be able to sell your data if you choose. Secours not only protects you from identity theft and fraud, Secours in partnership with Sovrin and Evernym, brings you trusted digital relationships. We keep your identity safe, your data safe and you safe.                      

Women's Safety



There is no city or country in the world where women and girls live free of the fear of violence. Using Blockchain, we empower women's safety so they can move confidently in their world. Men and women banding together, creating a community of sentinels from the heart, to help safeguard one another. It's time!

Dementia - Alzhemier's

As we age, quality of life mirrors the freedom we enjoy. For care partners, seniors aging in place, or living with cognitive impairment, provides peace of mind should someone become lost or go missing. 


Secours is proud to be in partnership with these progressive thought leaders in the fields of Blockchain, AI, GIS and public safety. 

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